Mysterious Shuidonggou

Shuidonggou, as one of the earliest Palaeolithic excavations of cultural sites of China, is acclaimed as "The Birthplace of China's Prehistoric Archeology," "Historical Evidence of Cultural Exchanges between East and West," and was listed as "one of the most significant archaeological discoveries among the 100 Chinese civilization sites". The site is also known as one of the national key cultural relics protection units, national 5A-level scenic spot, national geological park and awarded Silver Prize as one of the 50 places well worth visiting by foreign tourists.
More than 20 spectacles of enormous magnificence that include Ghost Town, Cyclone Cave, Lying Camel Ridge, Ferris Cliff, Cloud-broken Valley and strange willow Gully was created by the unique Yadan-landform and uncanny workmanship that record the life and growth of human being continued endlessly, making the land mysterious and vigorous.
The three-dimensional composition of the ancient Great Wall military defense system, composed of "Cross-City Edge," beacon smoke stations, city barriers and camps, as well as the Ancient-Troop Hiding Cave contribute the place a kaleidoscope of military defensive architectures best preserved in China.


Shuidonggou is for the first time in China to explore the Paleolithic sites, is a national key cultural relics protection units, the national AAAAA level scenic spot, National Geological Park. Known as "the birthplace of the Chinese prehistoric archaeology", "the history of Chinese and Western cultural exchange". Is the state as a national heritage preservation 100 major sites of one. It was also named as one of the hundreds of archaeological discoveries in China, which was jointly awarded by National Geographic and the Chinese heritage ". Shuidonggou or in the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, beacon towers and castles, trench, cangbing hole, the Grand Canyon, pier military defense construction Grand View Garden, China currently only to preserve the integrity of the Great Wall stereo military defense system.
Shuidonggou from Yinchuan, the capital city of 19 km. From the airport only 15 minutes by car, Qingyin Expressway and auxiliary road through the area, the transportation is convenient, the advantages of short-range city far away from downtown. Runoff ditch, many visitors say, the country to so many places, but Ningxia Shuidonggou let me shocked, really is a magical place, a step king, certainly not similar or pristine pure, or weird desolate loneliness, or beautiful, Enron, leisurely, distant, quiet, or steep, Qijue, mysterious, breathtaking, even the National Tourism Bureau deputy director Du Yili swim Shuidonggou lamented: I heard that Shuidonggou is a personal Wenjing District, but did not expect "step by step, there are some bright spots, everywhere there is breathtaking. Shuidonggou beauty seems to be natural to the carving is actually spent a lot of effort and wisdom, the emphasis is and the landscape of the natural coordination, both beautiful and simple. In order to create the ancient atmosphere, water ditch tone of the building is composed of various shades of ocher, colored stone and wood color color, water ditch bridge is combined with wood and stone arch bridge, bridges like the wooden bridge, they and the blue sky, light clouds, clear water, cliff, reed, Mandarin duck, duck build a quiet, Yi Ran of Xanadu. If the culture is the soul of the water channel, so innovation is the power of Shuidonggou development, there are many national scenic sites, but in the traditional museum visit the basic function on the integration of art, literature and high-tech innovation elements, the only water ditch, Shuidonggou site museum with 270 degree super large half scenery painting, real, phantom imaging display form, combined with the world's most advanced sound, light, electricity, can use adjustable earthquake platform technology, true thirty thousand years ago the ancient human happyharmonious stone production and fishing and hunting life scenes in torrential rain, flood and other shocking silue, Mountains fall and the earth splits. disaster scene, scene beautiful and vivid, impressive, artistic conception allows visitors to quickly integrate into the thirty thousand years of life in the scene, thirty thousand years long, but in the museum Shuidonggou time is no longer a distance, through the Gaoke technology allows you to instantly achieve thirty thousand years. It created a new forms of Museum exhibition in China, is currently the only, the area of the largest indoor audience intrusive dynamic experience exhibition, has become a major highlight of the Shuidonggou.
The magic lies in the water ditch it is not only the thirty thousand year before the ancient human reproduction of the Ming Dynasty, is China's important military defensive side events, in the the Great Wall in many places, but the Great Wall, trench, Castle and steep canyon and along the canyon cliffs and chisel cangbing hole together the stereo system of military defense, the only water is across the canyon cliff cave, the Tibetan hole, grand scenes, wonderful design, inside the tunnel, organs, hidden weapon, lookout, Arsenal, wells, the general assembly hall, lounge, kitchen and other facilities were readily available, here you can visit and experience be personally on the scene of the Ming Dynasty the thrills and excitement, the cruelty of war and the defenders of the Ming Dynasty in the distance one's ability and cleverness experience and understanding, which greatly satisfy the tourists' curiosity and thirst for knowledge. It has become a major highlight of the water channel.
Shuidonggou traffic tools are also very distinctive, cruise ships, donkey, camel's car, very leisurely, in Shuidonggou travel you will forget the hustle and bustle of the city and soul complex, let the time go along like this. Beautiful, clear, Enron, leisurely, distant, quiet and harmonious, outside the city, outside the village of Shuidonggou is definitely tourists flying mood, enjoy the freedom of leisure tourist destination. A scenic spot of the semidiurnal, from 30000 years to five hundred years; from prehistoric culture to military frontier fortress culture; from the earth forest landscape, to a high gap Pinghu; desert from the border to the southern Xiuse, can be described as magical!