Shuidonggou chronicle calendar (1988 -2014)
On January 5, Shuidonggou scenic area in Yinchuan Binhe District Spring Art Festival entries "the dreams of Shuidonggou", dance of the "water ditch Grand Canyon", music poetry recitation "I should how to thank you" were awarded the best creative award, the second prize and the award of excellence.
In January 5th, the feature film in the exploration of water channel ICN Premiere USA. Feature film length 60 minutes. Feature film by American perspective introduce shuidonggou.
In January 11th, the Ningxia local grassroots version of "Mom and dad where to go to" tourist area recording machine boiling water ditch.
February 28, March 2, Ningxia local Shuidonggou version of the parents to where "the first episode aired in Ningxia children's channel PK pioneer column.
In March 5th, Shuidonggou youth volunteer squad was formally established.
On March 5, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Xiji County government contracting Xiji County Huoshizhai scenic area project signed for a period of 40 years of the contract.
On March 11, is the main content of the program "valley of Peru, on the science channel CCTV-10" geography of China "program broadcast on secret Ningxia Shuidonggou cangbing hole sites.
March 12, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau hydroacoustic Donggou, scenic spots and star hotels, such as oasis restaurant in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, held in Ningxia tourism products that will be.
On April 3, Xiji fire stone village tourism development Co., Ltd. by Xiji County Bureau of education and sports to the Xiji County Education donated 100 million yuan.
In April 5th, the first short holiday Qingming Donggou Tianshui reception number 3450 passengers, an increase of 40% over the same period last year. Qingming short holiday, a total of Shuidonggou received a total of 11060 tourists trips.
April 17-18, composed of media reporters, micro Bardon, travel agencies and other friends from all walks of life of the folk group came to flint walled scenic of folk outing.
In April 30th, the Yinchuan tourism micro film third season in Yinchuan -- "mysterious place" filmed in Shuidonggou scenic area.
May 1 to July 3, Shuidonggou visitors received a total of 5.1 million passengers, 2 days, Shuidonggou tourist attractions ushered in the peak passenger flow, the day received a total of 2.4 million passengers, a calendar year received high.
May 3rd, Shuidonggou scenic ushered in Shenzhen satellite TV "baby" crew travel with you in the world.
On August 5, from Yinchuan car station leading to the flint walled scenic tourist train officially opened, full five hours nonstop, one-way fare is 120 yuan / person.
May 19, China tourism day. Flint village tourism district held the tenth "colorful fire Danzhai, the romantic flowers" Ningxia Liupanshan Yamahana Tourism Festival and Huoshizhai clove Flower Festival and a wonderful theatrical performances, when Skyfire stone walled scenic visited reached more than 7000 people, a flint village high of tourists received over the years.
May 31, Shuidonggou scenic launched love dumplings swim Shuidonggou "activities of the Dragon Boat Festival, please visitors free popular dumplings, drink wine.
June 7, Shuidonggou tourist attractions sponsored "well-known Bo main Shuidonggou Caifeng swims" activity, were invited to a prominent blogger, tourism talent 40 people to water ditch scenic area folk songs.
June 10, Shuidonggou sixth archaeological excavation activities officially started, the archaeological excavations is by Paleolithic Archaeology in Asian Federation vice chairman, deputy director of the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology,, Beijing University doctoral students mentor high star notch, the experts of the well-known foreign archaeologists scientist and the Institute of vertebrate Paleontology and ancient human research, Ningxia archaeological research. Archaeological team come to participate.
In June 10th, the fourth session of the Shuidonggou Cultural Tourism Festival curtain.
July 1, Shuidonggou tourism scenic area organization Xiji County impoverished mountainous area children and scientists "dialogue", through May scientists please walk down the mysterious temple, appeared inspirational speeches on education, so that children establish lofty ideals and aspirations.
July 5, Huoshizhai scenic 21 cool camping carnival season campaign officially began. Activities include camping, barbecue, jungle adventure, a bonfire exciting content.
In July 6th, Chinese space hero Yang Liwei to visit Yinchuan Shuidonggou scenic spots.
In July 7th, connecting downtown Yinchuan to the tunnel ditch scenic tourist Avenue opened up.
On July 24, CO sponsored by the National Tourism Bureau Information Center and autonomous regional tourism bureau to build online silk -- the wisdom of Tourism Cooperation Forum will be held in Ningxia, from Beijing, Shaanxi, Gansu, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Jilin, 19 of the province, autonomous region, directly under the jurisdiction of the city tourism bureau relevant responsible person to Shuidonggou scenic spot of wisdom of Ningxia tourism project demonstration research.
On July 26, tunnel Eid al Fitr ditch around the world stunt coaster Shuidonggou area stunning debut, attracting large quantities of tourists throng.
On August 6, Mao Zedong's grandson, the Chinese people's Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences, military strategy research, Vice Minister of the Ministry, on behalf of the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPPCC National Committee, Major General Mao Xinyu inflow ditch left to visit scenic spots.
August 10, Shuidonggou area ushered in the Oriental style 34 writer, poet, calligrapher activity of collect folk songs and live improvisation.
August 16th, "baby take you around the world -- Yinchuan riverside line" in Shenzhen satellite TV Channel 4 broadcast simultaneously.
August 27, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, vice chairman of the CPPCC, the left army accompanied by, deputy director of the office of tourism of the autonomous region Dang Jianping, Yinchuan City Tourism Bureau Hector day director Jiang et al cut ditch water tourism development research.
On August 27, Shuidonggou "cup of Ningxia tourism system painting and calligraphy contest entries exhibition opening ceremony in Yinchuan City workers painting and Calligraphy Institute held.
September 1, making sophisticated Ningxia tourism version of "little apple" to formally launched, primitive, ostrich, the Ming Dynasty, Tibetan soldiers cave of Shuidonggou elements in the MV appeared in large numbers.

On September 24, officially released the list of top 50 small and medium enterprises in Ningxia, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. ranked tourism enterprises strong second.
October 1 - 7, the National Day holiday 7 days, coincides with the Chung Yeung Festival of Eid al AdhA, Shuidonggou tourist attractions ushered in a total of more than 11 million domestic and foreign tourists.
In October 2nd eleven, second days of golden week, Shuidonggou scenic spots received a total of 22000 domestic and foreign tourists. A single day reception history.
In October 10th, "here is Ningxia" column group before shooting from the cave.
On October 30, the fire Danzhai tourist attractions usher in Regional Tourism Bureau deputy director Zhi Ping Lu led the Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau A-level assessment group, Xiji fire stone village tourism area to create the national AAAAA level scenic spots were used to assess the acceptance.
In November 5th, in Nanjing city Shuidonggou scenic spots, Luoyang city media group interview.
On November 17, Shuidonggou 2014 annual work summary and in recognition of the general assembly in Shuidonggou tourist area was held, and in 2014 in various positions in the outstanding performance of the advanced individual recognition and awards.
December 17, according to the grading the quality of tourist attractions of the classification and assessment of "national standards, the audit of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region tourist area quality grade evaluation committee, Flint walled scenic tourist attractions was approved as national 4A level scenic spots.
Shuidonggou, Flint walled scenic staff in Shuidonggou Museum in multi function hall held by 2015, new year's Day New Year Gala, December 27.

January 9, Ningxia Shuidonggou scenery title for "space-time tunnel, Shuidonggou" promo, stand out in many cities, scenic spots of the propaganda films, among the Chinese Tourist Publicity sheet TOP10 list.
February 19, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology study the high star research group in the archaeology of the second place in Lingwu Shuidonggou site found 11 fire signs, 11648 pieces of stone artifacts. Mining material shows the characteristics of northern China stone tools industry.
April 4 - 6, during the Ching Ming Festival, Shuidonggou scenic spots received a total of domestic and foreign tourists 9340 April 14, 19 African ostrich debut of Shuidonggou tourist area.
In April 20th, the Yinchuan tourism bus station - Shuidonggou scenic train officially opened departure.
May 1st - 3 day, Shuidonggou scenic spots received 42267 tourists, a record high of reception.
On May 13, in China - Ningxia Yellow River coast poetry League contest and the second session of the China - Ningxia Yellow River coast Poetry Festival Caifeng activities of poets to Yinchuan Shuidonggou folk songs.
In May 13th, Shuidonggou angustifolia Bay Grand Canyon ziplining officially opened.
In May 19th, Shuidonggou selected "looking for the most beautiful scenery of the Ningxia scenic list".
In May 20th, from 51 countries, more than 100 scenic spots to the general water channel.
May 23, from three areas hundreds of empty nest elderly counterpart poverty alleviation in the village of old party, under the leadership of Yinchuan City, top ten guide visit Shuidonggou tourist attractions.
In May 23rd, the Taiwan crew to shoot in Ningxia tourism attractions, Shuidonggou among them.
In May 25th, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region party secretary Li Jianhua visited the research area of water ditch.
In May 30th, "the fossil" magazine launched the album to commemorate the Shuidonggou Paleolithic site of the 90 anniversary of the discovery of.
On June 26, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Vertebrate Paleontology and paleoanthropology and autonomous district cultural office hosted, cultural relics and Archaeology in Ningxia, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum and Shuidonggou site museum hosted the memorial Shuidonggou site found the 90th anniversary of the general assembly and the international academic seminar in Shuidonggou held a period of four days.
On July 24, Vice Minister of the Ministry of culture, the State Administration of cultural heritage Secretary Li Jie small deep tunnel groove tourist areas on the protection of cultural relics and repair work carries on the investigation and study.
In July 30th, Shuidonggou won the 2013 Ningxia people's favorite brand (brand).
On July 8, Eid al Fitr holiday three days since, Shuidonggou scenic spots received total number of visitors more than 15000 people and ushered in the peak summer received a short holiday.
On September 5, the National Tourism Bureau deputy director Zhu Shanzhong, in the autonomous regional tourism bureau deputy director Hou Zhengang, accompanied by in-depth Shuidonggou tourist attractions to conduct field research.
October 1st - 7 day, Shuidonggou scenic tourists 102500 passengers, third days of golden week, ushered in the peak of the reception. Single day reception for the first time exceeded 20000 people, reached 23000 passengers.
October 14th, Shuidonggou scenic officially opened on the 400 - 679 - 1996 free service hotline.
In October 31st, the annual summary of Shuidonggou Tourism Awards ceremony was held in the auditorium Shuidonggou site museum. Yinchuan City Tourism Bureau deputy secretary of the Party committee of Anping, Yinchuan City Tourism Bureau, the Propaganda Department of Gui Hongcai, Lingwu City, culture and Tourism Bureau of radio and television director Hua Dong Yang, deputy director Wang Ping, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Yawei, Shuidonggou Site Research Institute Vice President Wang Huimin attended the meeting.
In November 2nd, American ICN International TV "tour in China" column group into the film in Ningxia, for nearly 10 days of special shooting. Shuidonggou tourism has become the only selected column in the Ningxia shooting.
November 22, in the Communist Party of China tourism system of Yinchuan City, members of the general assembly, CPC Yinchuan city tourism system selection committee after, CPC Yinchuan branch vote, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Party branch secretary and Chairman Wang Yawei elected for the Communist Party of China Yinchuan City Tourism System Committee.
November 25th, Shuidonggou scenic spot was awarded the "top 10 scenic spots of the 2013 year the same way network users favorite".
On December 3, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. won the 2013 "Ningxia small and medium-sized enterprise 50 strong" honorary title and small and medium enterprises in Ningxia "corporate culture" advanced unit.

On January 8, Shuidonggou scenic spot propaganda large sponsored by the Yinchuan Municipal Committee of the CPC and the people's Government of Yinchuan City in, Yinchuan municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yinchuan City radio and television joint Yan'an television, Yulin TV, Ordos television, Alashan television, silver television, Qing Yang television, Shizuishan television eight City television station jointly organized the "dragon northwest wind, Shaanxi and Gansu Ning Meng is adjacent to the city of 2012 Spring Festival Gala released.
2012, in the Yellow River City, Yinchuan,, held in the region's tourism bureau. Shuidonggou tourist area was awarded the "Yinchuan City 2011 Annual top ten tourist attractions", "2011 Ningxia tourism marketing advanced collective", "2011 the region tourism system politics faddish wind construction advanced unit", "to create Autonomous District civilized tourism industry is advanced and collective", "2011 Annual tourism promotion and marketing of advanced unit" and "create a civilized tourism industry advanced unit" a number of collective honor. At the same time, Shuidonggou tourist attractions Yawei Mr. won the "2011 Ningxia tourism promotion and innovation of advanced individual", Shuidonggou scenic area staff Zou Xiaoli, Luoyan, Feng Shili, Zhang Wei won the annual advanced individual and service star.
February 28, Lingwu City Industrial and commercial bureau to send a representative to the in-depth Shuidonggou tourist attractions, scenic area staff consumer rights, complaints, special training seminars.
In March 27th, South Korean politicians business delegation aboard Yinchuan - Seoul flight to Shuidonggou scenic sightseeing.
On April 2, Qingming short vacation, Shuidonggou scenic spots received a total of tourists outside the province area 253 million, compared to the same period last year increased by 105%.
April 6th, Shuidonggou culture museum curator Wang Yawei invited curator of cross-strait private museum.
On April 8, recommended by the five municipal tourism administrative departments, autonomous regional tourism bureau audit selection, Shuidonggou scenic selected the first Tourism Standardization pilot enterprises.
April 25, Yinchuan City, the third session of the tour guide contest, Shuidonggou tourist attractions sending Xia Mengting, Gou Honghong, Guo Ya three explain who won the second prize, third prize and the award of excellence. Gou Honghong and Xia Mengting successfully nominated the regional level contest, will represent the Shuidonggou autonomous region to participate in the May 9th final.
On October 5, deputy director of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region People's Congress Feng jionghua line to Lin Shui Gou to inspect the Shuidonggou site and Ming Great Wall protection situation.
On May 16, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee chenkuiyuan dallacl, vice chairman of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Yinchuan City Mayor Wang Rugui and other leaders accompanied to Shuidonggou site of cultural relics protection law enforcement inspection.
In May 18th, the world museum, Museum of Shuidonggou site dynamic real experience in the museum, free and open to the public.
In May 18th, Ningxia Shuidonggou tourism development company staff held a "51" holiday summing up meeting.
In June 7th, Taiwan Publishers Association chairman Yang Keqi came to visit the shuidonggou.
June 22nd - 24 day, Shuidonggou scenic held travel scenic spots free dumpling incense, drink Yellow Wine activities.
In June 17th, the second session of the Shuidonggou Cultural Tourism Festival opening ceremony in Shuidonggou cultural tourism scenic spots.
In June 30th, the national chairman of the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee Mao Rubai inspected the Shuidonggou tourist area.
In July 7th, South Korea's EBS television crew filmed the documentary Shuidonggou tourism.
July 12, national development and Reform Commission of the western division Qin Yucai director, under the leadership of the Deputy Secretary General of the government of the autonomous region long gunning, director of development and Reform Commission Yuan Jinlin and Mayor Chen, deputy director of the National People's Congress Ma Wenshan, accompanied by former inflow ditch tour.
18 July - 20 days, Shuidonggou scenic area organization departments held a forum on the work of rectification.
In August 1st, the travel channel "has as far as" column group to Shuidonggou folk songs framing.
August 6th, "magic water" in Ningxia TV channel broadcast channel "teahouse" Wang column.
On August 12, the Tenth China Yinchuan international tourism festival for automobile and motorcycle motorcycle stunt performances in Shuidonggou scenic stone plaza passion staged.
On August 15, vice chairman of the autonomous region Li Rui organization held "2012 rather consistent conference and the third session of the China Arab Economic and Trade Forum reception work conference" will, Shuidonggou, Western Xia imperial tombs, Shahu, returning to the culture park, Western studios five major scenic spots designated for conference reception tourist attractions.
In August 18th, Guangdong television "World Tour" column broadcast "magic Ningxia" water ditch.
August 23, CCTV news channel, "Silk Road" topic group director Zhi Hong Liang arrived in Shuidonggou scenic viewfinder folk songs.
In August 26th, Ningxia children's channel "PK" into the vanguard of Shuidonggou shooting area.
August 31st, Ningxia TV television channel "weekend traveler" broadcast motorcycle stunt show water ditch.
In August 31st, Ningxia children's television channel "PK" broadcast pioneer Shuidonggou special program.
In September 4th, the Taiwan senior journalists association "Ningxia the Yellow River gold Anhang" arrived at the Shuidonggou tour.
September 5th, Ningxia TV television channel "weekend traveler" crew came to Shuidonggou tourist area shooting program.
In September 13th, the Chongqing Municipal People's Congress deputy director Wang Honghua visited the Shuidonggou scenic area.
September 20th, the two stage of the opening of the soldiers open.
September 24th, Ningxia TV television channel "sink" broadcast every day travel Shuidonggou special programs. In October 3rd, Ningxia Shuidonggou tourism reception number more than 14000 people, a eleven "Golden Week" single day reception record.
November 1, South Korean presidential campaign strategy committee chairman Ren Taixi carrying Mrs. Quan Huizheng line in Yinchuan City Vice Mayor Li Weidong lady accompanied by, Li Lin Shui Gou scenic tour

On November 2, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. for 2012 to water ditch scenic delivers the group number of the largest three travel agencies awarded medals, as a token of appreciation.
On November 2, the domestic famous Yuhua stone collector Zhu Yanrong Mr. boutique multi-function hall in the Shuidonggou scenic site museum display.
In November 5th 2012, Shuidonggou Tourism Association held a year-end reward.

On December 5, 2011, Beijing TV Science Channel the charm of science "column broadcast scenic feature film cangbing hole" the legend of Kwu Tung. "
November 2011 28-12 month 5, chairman Wang Yawei was invited to attend the first national private museum curator training courses.
On November 18, 2011, the leadership of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee in Lingwu municipal Party committee secretary Li Jianjun, Lingwu City Mayor Chen, accompanied by inspection Shuidonggou tourist attractions.
November 10, 2011, the company's year-end summary and recognition of the General Assembly held in the scenic area.
November 10, 2011, executive vice chairman of the China Association for science and technology, the Secretariat first Secretary of Cx in the district Party committee deputy secretary, Cui Bo, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, the district government vice chairman dallacl, accompanied by visit investigation Shuidonggou tourist attractions.
On November 9, 2011, the winter tourism in Yinchuan city start ceremony in Shuidonggou scenic held open the Ningxia winter tourism "ice breaking trip".
In November 5, 2011 2011, the association held a grand scenic year-end appreciation. Autonomous District Tourism Bureau, party secretary, Secretary Li Chunyang, Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Pang Junhai, Yinchuan City Vice Mayor Li Weidong, Yinchuan City Tourism Bureau, party secretary, Secretary Li and other leaders attended the appreciation Association and speech.
On October 27, 2011, the members of the group spirit of the autonomous region civilization inspection team Jia Jiepin Deputy Director under the leadership of the deputy director of the Regional Tourism Bureau Hai Shenglian, city tourism bureau director Li Chengrong, Lingwu City, SMG of director of bureau of Hua Dong Yang, accompanied by to Linshui ditch investigation scenic spot spirit civilization construction situation.
September 29, 2011, scenic reception to participate in the National Tourism Discipline Inspection and the delegation of the general assembly.
In September 11, 2011, CCTV4 traveled China "column group" special water in Donggou shooting.
On September 9, 2011, Xu Huifang, director of the Asia Tourism Exchange Centre, and 23 Hong Kong and Macao media reporter, travel business in promoting district tourism bureau deputy director Xue Gang, District Tourism Bureau to our scenic spot folk songs accompanied by director Yang Dengbao.
On August 14, 2011, the Autonomous Region Party committee propaganda, Vice Minister of the Ministry of You Yanru in city tourism bureau party secretary, the Secretary Li Chengrong, accompanied by to Shuidonggou cultural investigation in tourism industry.
In August 7, 2011, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Gu Xiulian Shuidonggou scenic spots.
August 1, 2011, scenic area was awarded by the beauty of China Tourism billboard organizing committee, Sohu tourism ticket network of tourism in China, the 1 county tourism network, "travel the world" magazine co hosted the China the most beautiful scenic spot selection activities, won the "potential of the most beautiful scenic spots" honor.
In July 31, 2011, CCTV-10 Science Channel "Chinese" column group shot "geographical" geographical feature film China water ditch.
In July 26, 2011, Chen Changzhi long vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee accompanied by Lingwu City under the leadership of the inspection area.
July 23, 2011, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration Du Yili in the area of the Tourism Bureau, accompanied by Li Chunyang visited the scenic area.
July 18, 2011, the area held a full service quality upgrade mobilization meeting.
July 17, 2011, the Supreme People's Procuratorate Cao Jianming in the district Party committee, party secretary Cui Bo, mayor Wang Rugui, accompanied by the leadership of the work of the scenic area.
On July 6, 2011, Wang Zhongyu, former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee in the city and district, vice chairman of CPPCC Zhang Leqin and district leadership accompanied by investigation of tourism development.
On July 5, 2011, State Bureau of cultural relics Shan Jixiang secretary and the personnel department director Hou Jukun, department inspector, deputy director of the Liu Mingwei line under the leadership of the District Department of culture and director Yang Yujing, vice mayor Li Weidong, district cultural relics bureau director Weizhong, accompanied together research Shuidonggou cultural heritage protection work.
In June 25, 2011, 68079 troops and our company formally established the "military mutual support" cooperation relationship.
June 19, 2011, 2011 Yinchuan International Equestrian tournament.
On the evening of June 18, 2011, the second session of the China Ningxia international self driving Tourism Festival opening ceremony of "Shuidonggou night" self driving fans friends of large-scale concerts will be held in Ningxia stadium.
In June 18, 2011, the 88 anniversary of Shuidonggou site excavation activities and Shuidonggou Cultural Tourism Festival opening ceremony. On the same day the Shuidonggou site museum officially opened.
On June 10, 2011, the Autonomous Region Party committee secretary Zhang Yi in Lingwu municipal Party committee secretary Li Jianjun, Mayor Chen Shuhui and other leaders accompanied to the scenic spot investigation.
May 28, 2011, the first national leisure sports conference and international kite tournament held in the scenic area.
May 20, 2011, Yuan Hanmin, vice chairman of the autonomous region in the District Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Council, the Municipal Council, accompanied by the leadership of the Tourism Bureau to study.
In May 3, 2011, the scenic free reception from 143 students to the hardest hit Yushu.
April 3, 2011, the scenic tourist center officially opened to the outside world.
In March 18, 2011, the company was awarded the "strategic partnership" by the Organizing Committee of China Ningxia international self driving Tourism Festival ".
On March 5, 2011, Yinchuan Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Yang Liu, in city tourism bureau director Li Chengrong, city development and Reform Commission deputy director Wenhui accompanied to the scenic spot investigation.
February 19, 2011, Li Weidong, vice mayor of Yinchuan City, Gao Yang and other leaders in the City Sports Bureau, accompanied by the investigation into the scenic area.
February 18, 2011, in Yinchuan City, the annual tourism in recognition of the meeting, the company obtained the Yinchuan City in 2010 top ten scenic, Yinchuan city tourism industry 2010 tourism morals construction advanced unit, Yinchuan city tourism industry 2010 tourism promotion and marketing of advanced units honor a number of.
January 28, 2011, Wang Yawei, chairman of the District Tourism Bureau awarded the ten outstanding characters of Ningxia tourism. Scenic area has been named the 2010 annual area of the region's tourism industry ten strong.

On November 5, 2010, Shuidonggou scenic held in 2010 summary meeting, company general manager Qi Zifa do the 2010 work summary report, and puts forward the company's 2011 work plan, at the same meeting also commended the Chen Benyou nine advanced individual.
2010 November 2 - 3 days, after two days of intense competition, Shuidonggou scenic spot explain ting with honors the Ningxia second guide contest second prize in the third.
October 16, 2010, the Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau Li Chunyang in Yinchuan City Tourism Bureau to buy a sharp China and other leading to the scenic spot inspection and guidance.
In October 12, 2010, Shuidonggou area to start the fence construction project. This marks the construction of the scenic area to the AAAAA level standardization further.
"Eleven" during the holiday, Shuidonggou scenic held to celebrate the eleven, He Zhongqiu, "Shuidonggou Changzao Festival" activities.
On September 29, 2010, the autonomous region of industrial and commercial bureau to review and Ningxia Famous Trademark Determination Committee review, the seventh Ningxia famous trademark determination, in the newly identified 97 famous trademark notice, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. to declare the "Shuidonggou" trademark list famous.
In August 28, 2010, the first Yinchuan Derby was held successfully in Shuidonggou scenic area. The conference attracted tens of thousands of visitors around the "onlooker".
On August 17, 2010, enthusiasm of Shuidonggou scenic spots received by the Yinchuan Evening News Agency reporter group of collect folk songs, 19 small reporter walked into the Shuidonggou ", in the development process of their pen and camera to record the Shuidonggou people and tourist perception.
August 16, 2010, CCTV "exploration and discovery" column group to shoot the "Old Stone Age" special program.
In August 14, 2010, the first taste of Shuidonggou scenic games ended. The Games consists of a bowling, basketball, volleyball, chess, shuttlecock and so on more than 20 entries. Through the game, were decided first prize 10, two prize 11, three prize 8, excellence award 12, referee award 6.
August 7, 2010, Ningxia children's channel and the area to jointly organized by the archaeological experience tour activities. This activity is carried out by the parents and students welcome, so that they contact with historical sites, to understand the archaeological knowledge, and enhance the love of home, the awareness of the protection of cultural relics.
In August 6, 2010, Yinchuan City Writers Association of writers to folk songs creation Shuidonggou scenic spot.
On July 31, 2010, the company general manager Han Sheng led to police squadron of Ningxia Hedong prison education center "Bayi Army Day" holiday condolences, condolences to the end. Both sides have also conducted a friendly basketball match.
July 18, 2010, Shuidonggou scenic part of the second Ningxia International Cultural Tourism Expo promotional activities.
July 13, 2010, Yinchuan TV station "culture Yinchuan" column to the scene to shoot special programs.
June 25, 2010, Shuidonggou scenic highway project successfully completed a total length of 3.25 kilometers of highway design. The completion of the road will be a change in the past attractions must have a toll station traffic situation. Great place to the tourist attractions. At the same time, it can effectively improve the access of the scenic area.
In June 24, 2010, former vice chairman of CPPCC Wang Wenyuan visited the Shuidonggou scenic spot in the area, accompanied by the municipal CPPCC leadership under the. Vice Chairman Wang put forward valuable suggestions for the future development of the construction of tunnel ditch scenic area.
In June 1, 2010, scenic area held the "June 1" International Children's Day "hand in hand, happy six one tour".
2010 May 1 - 30, Shuidonggou company released the first tourist souvenirs, crafts, clothing, apparel collection activities, the activities were set up first, second and third prize in a total of nine, excellence award 20.
In May 28, 2010, star Dai Rao as the Ningxia International Festival of self driving travel to scenic real folk Star reported before the news.
On May 20, 2010, produced by Bona entertainment company costume comedy "inn of wealth" in the area to shoot, this is following the Shanghai Film Group Corporation produced martial arts drama, "Jin Yiwei" shot in the area and a large. Up to now, Shuidonggou scenic location has provided a total of dozens of all kinds of movies, TV news documentary 15.
In April 15, 2010, the successful introduction of scenic Spanish bullfighting, go kart, joy rides bungee jumping etc..
2010 April 8 - 12, inside and outside the region, nearly a hundred travel agency footfault mission to Shuidonggou scenic spot was for a period of one week footfault inspection activities. To further strengthen the Shuidonggou scenic area and the area within a hundred travel agencies in partnership, and will become the focus of marketing work in the future.
April 3, 2010 - 11 day, five in Ningxia city Shuidonggou scenic tourism exhibition promotional activities.
On March 10, 2010, began to scenic spots in the first round of business training plan, for a period of one month of training covering etiquette and professional image, security, business knowledge, inviting Zhong Kan, Wang Huimin, Hai Xia Luo and area experts and vocational college teachers to scenic lectures, the purpose is to improve the majority of employees practical skills, improve service idea.
On March 8, 2010, to celebrate "38" international working women's day, by the Yinchuan city traffic radio music stations and Shuidonggou scenic jointly organized by the Fengcheng "sister" outing friendship activities.
February 25, 2010, Shuidonggou scenic spots received by Yinchuan city women's Federation as "women's civilization Kong" advanced unit.
In February 2, 2010, Shuidonggou tourism company was named the 2009 annual Yinchuan tourism industry advanced unit. Liu Yonghong, deputy general manager of Yinchuan City, was named the 2009 annual tourism industry advanced individual.
In January 15, 2010, Shuidonggou tourism company was named the 2009 annual tourism industry in Lingwu City

In 2009 December 19 national AAAAA level scenic Acceptance Review Group in the Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau Zhang Zhenguo inspector, director of planning Yin Fuquan, accompanied by deputy director Yang Xiaotong, to waterfront ditch scenic approval and guidance work.
In November 2009, Hong Kong sunshine TV "Chinese Human Geography in Ningxia" crew into the Shuidonggou scenic area, beginning a period of half a month's series of feature films shooting.
In 2009 October Shuidonggou scenic spot in heritage of the Chinese "the most significance of Chinese civilization 100 archaeology discovery" selection activities, selected "the most civilized significance 100 archaeological discovery" list.
2009 September 27, Lingwu City Tourism Bureau has organized "soar Ningdong energy Lingwu" one day tour in Shuidonggou Tourism District grand start. Autonomous Region, the Yinchuan Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city's four sets of major leadership and nearly a thousand visitors attended the launch ceremony.
August 30, 2009 Shapotou scenic Tao to Chairman and director Wang Yawei looks water ditch scenic area, to jointly plan the development of scenic spots.
In August 27, 2009 the Shuidonggou was approved by the Ministry of land and resources as a "national geological park".
In August 2009, 16 National Construction Minister Jiang Weixin in Yinchuan City Vice Mayor Dai Rongmin, Yinchuan City Tourism Bureau Mai Ruihua accompanied, inspect Shuidonggou construction.
In August 2009, 15 Shuidonggou exclusive naming the Shuidonggou Chinese rock music 20 years of classic review Yinchuan singing "in Yinchuan embrace the mountains at the theatre.
Accompanied by the National Tourism Bureau in August 15, 2009 under the leadership of the District Tourism Bureau, visited the Shuidonggou tourism scenic spots.
2009 July 22, autonomous region Party committee, the Communist Party of China Yinchuan municipal Party committee secretary Cui Bo in Yinchuan municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary Li Zefeng, Yinchuan City Vice Mayor Li Weidong, Lingwu City Mayor Li Jianjun accompanied to inspect the Shuidonggou scenic spot.
In 2009 July 16 scenic area staff Tanaka students on behalf of Lingwu City Tourism Bureau to participate in the "emotional ties to the tourism, the dedication speech contest", won the "award of excellence" award.
In June 2009, 27, Yinchuan City, the third batch of patriotism education base named the bases for patriotic education of young people tour activities ceremony cum held in Shuidonggou scenic spot.
June 18, 2009 famous reporter Shi Xiaoliang led Shandong TV station, Qilu Evening News, Yantai daily and the central number of media interviews to the scene to shoot a report.
June 14, 2009 Yinchuan poetry society creation base in Shuidonggou scenic area.
June 12, 2009 scenic spot Cai Lingling to enter the region's tourism system to hold a safe with me, speech contest finals, won the award for excellence.
In May 2, 2009 the ninth session of the contest held in simulated tour guide Shuidonggou scenic spot.
April 28, 2009 Taiwan Calligraphers Association to Shuidonggou scenic sightseeing, and in the field.
In 2009 April 25, "magic Shuidonggou" photography contest presentation cum Exhibition ceremonies in Guangming Plaza held, competition has received a total of all kinds of 532 entries. First prize 1, two, 2, three,, 3, 10, 84, into the exhibition works.
April 14, 2009 Ningxia TV channel "Ningxia impression" column group line to the Shuidonggou scenic documentary film.
March 29, 2009 nationwide travel agency on behalf of more than 300 people to step on the spot.
March 10, 2009 Shuidonggou scenic area in Yinchuan city was rated as civilized scenic spots.
February 20, 2009 Shuidonggou scenic spot was named Ningxia consumer satisfaction service star unit.
February 13, 2009 Shuidonggou scenic area in Yinchuan city was rated as the 2008 annual tourism advanced units.
February 3, 2009 Ningxia TV channel "wealth story" column group Reporters Wang Yawei, chairman of the company.
January 23, 2009 Shuidonggou scenic spot by Ningxia Tourism Bureau named the 2008 annual Ningxia tourism promotion advanced scenic spot.
In January 20, 2009 the Regional Tourism Bureau and Planning Institute expert 12 people, the Shuidonggou scenic planning project inspection.
January 15, 2009 Shuidonggou scenic area was named the 2008 annual Lingwu City tourism industry advanced unit.
In January 2009, 15 tunnel ditch Scenic Area Vice Manager Qi Zifa, comprehensive department manager Liu Yonghong was rated as advanced individual of Lingwu City, 2008 Tourism Industry.

In November 20, 2008, Shuidonggou scenic spot at the Shanghai international travel fair.
On November 16, 2008, the regional government vice chairman of our in accompanied by the leadership of the Department of culture, the Shuidonggou cultural relics protection work of inspection and guidance, the Shuidonggou cultural relics protection work give fully affirmed and put forward to perfect the Tibetan arms hole, to the Grand Canyon the safety of line maintenance.
In November 13, 2008, the Shuidonggou tourist area declared "Yinchuan city civilization tourism scenic area" title of acceptance.
In October 31, 2008, held once a year, year-end summary of Shuidonggou scenic spot in recognition of the general assembly.
On October 14, 2008, Ru your mayor of Yinchuan City, 15 people to scenic inspect and guide the work, after listening to the report on the work of scenic area development and construction of "the two museums", the scenic spot development ideas must be innovative, to increase efforts to develop, do the protection of cultural relics and scenic construction grasping hands are hard, in the face of difficulties, to actively seek solutions. At the same time, put forward the guiding opinions on the construction of Shuidonggou site museum.
September 28, 2008, Shuidonggou scenic area is Yinchuan City Consumers Association awarded the "2008 annual integrity unit". In 2008 October, won the Shuidonggou scenic integrity unit in tourism industry in Yinchuan.
On September 19, 2008, CCTV news channel in Shuidonggou site live effective protection of Shuidonggou site and the depth of the development, to the video audience show attractive Shuidonggou scenic style.
In September 18, 2008, the Ningxia University will ditch scenic water as research base.
On September 16, 2008, the Ningxia Institute of poetry, Chinese poetry society, 21 people to scenic Caifeng, scenic unique natural environment and the humanities style greatly touched everyone's creative inspiration, after the end of the folk songs, poets and calligraphers have brush splash ink improvisation, the application can, filling the literary talent, creating a large number of poems and calligraphy works.
On September 8, 2008, to participate in the national water conservancy in 98 delegates to visit scenic spots, the Shuidonggou Red Lake dam construction and water quality in a very high interest, water experts said. This is what they see in the scenic western most ornamental value of the artificial lake.
On September 3, 2008, traffic music throughout the country and Taiwan more than 100 reporters to scenic press Caifeng activities, scenic spot of unique characteristics of the natural scenery and ancient human sites and Shuidonggou great wall showed a keen interest in, have stopped photography, writing a manuscript. The contents of the folk activities, in Ningxia has achieved in 50 years great achievements and changes in the special program to a national audience broadcasts.
August 24, 2008, in order to reflect the great changes in the development of tourism in Ningxia, the 50 anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region of Daqing Office of the office of the film to the scene to shoot.
In August 18, 2008, the completion of the main project Shuidonggou site museum.
In August 16, 2008, CCTV traveled into Ningxia, "Chinese" crew to tunnel ditch scenic area on-site interview activities.
On August 10, 2008, in Shuidonggou photography contest of Ningxia Photographers Association of more than 60 photographers to scenic photography and filming.
August 5, 2008, the CPC Yinchuan City party secretary Cui Bo lead in Yinchuan four sets of leadership, more than 60 people visited the Shuidonggou museum building. After listening to the reports on the work of museum construction, gave a high evaluation for Shuidonggou Ruins Museum construction, pointed out that after the completion of the museum is undoubtedly a bright spot in the eastern and western tourism, has a positive role in promoting the development of tourism in Ningxia. Secretary Cui Bo, the construction of Shuidonggou site museum should have outstanding characteristics, strict quality engineering.
In July 30, 2008, Shuidonggou tourist attractions by new news newspaper named "Ningxia one of my favorite ten major scenic spots".
On July 23, 2008, Yinchuan City, Lingwu City, safety inspection work group line, on spot safety work supervision and guidance, after listening to the reports and on-site inspection work, to scenic spots to strictly enforce security policy, in the safety work of innovative ideas and scientific development of the praise.
July 3, 2008, Shuidonggou restaurant officially listed for tourists.
On May 20, 2008, CCP Yinchuan City party secretary Cui Bo line to scenic visit guidance, the Shuidonggou site museum and the Great Wall Museum Construction and put forward the guiding opinions, libraries construction we must highlight the characteristics, combined with the truth and accurate positioning.
In May 19, 2008, Zhong Kan, vice president of Ningxia Research Institute of Shuidonggou site won the "Ningxia 50 years of influential people" title.
On April 25, 2008, Luoyan company with strong comprehensive quality and excellent field play won the first Ningxia red treasure Cup "to explain the success of contest third place in group of literature and history.
In April 25, 2008, the Autonomous Region Bureau of cultural relics experts organized by the design scheme of Shuidonggou site museum.
On April 11, 2008, more than 40 Autonomous Region Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference to scenic visit guidance, the Shuidonggou scenic achievements affirmed, meanwhile, it has put forward a lot of valuable advice of Shuidonggou development and construction.
On April 9, 2008, "Shuidonggou site research institute", "Chinese Academy of Sciences of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Ningxia workstation" was established in Shuidonggou, Feng jionghua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress of the autonomous region, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Earth Sciences director Zhou Shaoping and Yinchuan, Lingwu City, the leadership attended the meeting and attended the ceremony, Yawei, chairman of the board of directors to Shuidonggou Ruins Museum Director Dr. Gao Xing, Vice Dean Zhong Kan researcher, Wang Huimin researcher, Jide researcher of the secretary general, he issued a certificate.

In November 2007, the urn and the northeast corner of the fort Hongshan gates were archaeological excavation, cleaning up the "Dragon King temple ruins,", concurrent exhumed two intact and bones.
In October 3, 2007, the first China Ningxia International West line water cup Donggou locomotive model contest held in Shuidonggou scenic area.
In August 25, 2007, Shuidonggou site museum and the Great Wall Museum Planning by experts through.
In 2007 July, China of ancient and ancient human spine of Shuidonggou conducted fifth archaeological excavations.
In 2007 April, the village water tunnel opening.
In 2007 April, the village water tunnel opening.
In 2007 April, Shuidonggou Hongshan Lake scenic spot in the opening of the dock.
April 26, 2007, China is currently the most complete preservation of the military three-dimensional defense system, one of the Ming Dynasty hidden soldiers hole opening.
In 2007 April, Shuidonggou area was "brand China Billboard magazine as one of the" China brand hundred county scenic spot ".
In October 2006, Shuidonggou site was listed as one of the major site of the national "Eleventh Five Year" cultural relics protection planning, a total of 100 home, Ningxia alone.
In October 2006, Shuidonggou tourist attractions of "in ancient China the most complete three-dimensional military defense system, great wall, Fort Hongshan, cangbing hole etc. sites by the approval of the relevant departments of cultural relics began to protect and repair. In mid October, Wengcheng gates, Hongshan control wall fort in the Grand Canyon cangbing caves were clean and repair.
September 2006, "Zhang three store" comprehensive recovery.
After a series of July 2006 thundershowers, scenic lots floods, damaged parts, trails are damaged, visitors can't pass. After less than a month for environmental remediation and repair, Shuidonggou tourist attractions and with a new look to meet Chinese and foreign tourists sightseeing.
In April of 2006 to complete the construction of tourism, Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. in accordance with the Shuidonggou ruins protection planning ", the Shuidonggou tourism development master plan,", the scenic spot of Shuidonggou were environmental remediation.
2006 in April by the global travel newspaper, 31 urban newspapers jointly organized the "China's most worth foreigners to 50 Places contest won the silver award.
Business April 28, 2006 Lingwu City Shuidonggou tourism area test.
In December 2005, the company and Lingwu City People's government signed a tourism agreement, pay land relocation compensation 44 million yuan for the relocation of farmers, on the surrounding area was also fence closed, construction of the 920 square meters of office space, building installation personnel drinking and green cleaning water equipment.
In July 11, 2005, Ningxia Lingwu City Shuidonggou site protection master plan "approved by the State Bureau of cultural relics.
On January 4, 2005, by the Ningxia Lingwu City Shuidonggou tourism development master plan, by the Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau organized experts to review and by the Lingwu City People's Government approved for implementation.
By the end of 2003, the company hired the famous historical experts, tourism experts he Jide researcher compiled the Lingwu City Shuidonggou site rescue protection and display program. "
On July 21, 2003, the Lingwu City Industrial and commercial bureau approval, Lingwu City Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. registration and establishment, company to protection, development, construction and operation of Shuidonggou tourist area as the main duties, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, existing staff of 45 people.
Shuidonggou 1988 was announced as the national key cultural relics protection units". Known as: "the birthplace of Chinese prehistoric archaeology", "the history of Chinese and Western cultural exchange"!